Intex Inflatable Kayak

The Quick-Guide to Intex Inflatable Kayak

Who is Intex Kayak?

Intex produces tons of quality products like airbeds, above ground pools, and furniture. Know what else they make? Damn good inflatable kayaks. For over 50 years, Intex has been focused on products that are high in quality, but low in price. They want fun to be affordable and, honestly, who doesn’t?

Not only is Intex a kayak brand that cares about you and your family, they’re also a brand who cares about the planet. For 10+ years, they’ve been reducing their carbon footprint by working with their supplier to reduce fossil fuel use. If you like buying with your conscience, Intex is a great way to go.


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Our Favorite Intex Inflatable Kayaks

Spend less time researching and more time kayaking. We’ve hand-picked the absolute best Intex inflatable kayaks to get you on the water faster. Take a look!

Intex explorer k2 – inflatable kayak – recreational
Intex challenger k1 – inflatable kayak – Recreational
intex excursion pro – inflatable kayak – fishing

Intex Kayak FAQs

1. Are inflatable kayaks safe?

Inflatable kayaks are basically just as safe as any other kayak. They are made with tough materials, and have a rigid structure which adds to their durability and safety.

Still, you should always use caution when paddling. Even though leaks and punctures are uncommon, they can still happen if you’re not paddling responsibly.

2. Are Intex inflatable kayaks any good?

Intex inflatable have what I like to call the holy trinity of kayak traits: ease, durability, and affordability.

While Intex kayaks’ inflatable nature make them easy to inflate, deflate, and transport, they are still incredibly durable. Overall, this is a high quality kayak for an extremely affordable price.

3. Which is better Intex Challenger or Explorer?

This is a tough one! Since they are both extremely durable and affordable, let’s look at how well they transport.

The Intex Explorer K2 is 2.2 lbs lighter and is a little smaller than the Challenger K2 when folded. The Explorer K2’s carrying handles at the bow and stern also make it easier to carry.

The Explorer K2 is the more transportable inflatable kayak, both when inflated and folded, which gives it a slight edge over the Challenger.

4. Can you leave an inflatable kayak inflated?


Keeping your kayak inflated for long periods of time can damage the valves and place extra strain on the kayak’s skin. Plus, temperature changes can cause the air in your kayak to expand, which might rupture one of its internal septums.

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