6 Oru Kayak Accessories I Really, Really Want

I’ve had my Oru kayak for about a year, and we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well by now.

My Oru Beach LT stays perfectly folded in the trunk of my SUV so that I can be ready to paddle anytime, anywhere. I can have that yak unfolded and in the water in about 7 minutes’ time. All is good.

But now, I’m ready to take our kayak-kayaker relationship to the next level with some good ol’ fashioned kayak accessories. And Oru does accessories especially well. So well that I wanted to write about which ones I want to buy as we move into the fall paddling season!

The Oru Kayak Accessories I Really, Really Want

  1. Oru Pack
  2. Oru Paddle
  3. Luci Inflatable Solar Lights
  4. Oru Dry Bags
  5. Oru Repair Kit
  6. Oru PFD
  7. Oru Neoprene Spray Skirt

Oru Pack

This Oru Pack is at the top of my kayak wishlist, for sure.

While you can definitely carry your Oru without a pack, the backpack-style carrier would just make that walk from the car to the water so much easier. Think about it, you’d have your hands free to wave at your fellow paddlers (or to flip off that guy who almost hits you as you’re walking).

The Oru Pack comes especially in handy when you want to kayak in more remote waters. It allows you to easily check it as luggage at the airport, or to take your kayak along on hikes that lead to beautiful views in secret places.

The ease of travel is the number one reason I’ll be buying an Oru Pack soon. I may have already bought mine by the time you’re reading this!

Pro tip: If you have an Oru Inlet kayak, you get your own special Oru Inlet Pack.

Oru Paddle

One of the biggest mistakes I made when purchasing my Oru was not also buying an Oru Paddle.

I currently use a cute little blue paddle I’ve had for years that I bought who knows where, but I’m really itching to spring for the paddle that rightfully belongs with my kayak.

The paddle is made with a fiberglass shaft and tough ABS plastic blades and, the best part, it breaks down into four pieces that fit perfectly inside your Oru in box form.

Plus, it just matches your kayak so perfectly…

oru kayak accessories paddle
Source: OruKayak.com

Luci Inflatable Solar Lights

Easily the most swoon-worthy accessory on the list, the Luci Inflatable Solar Lights are a must-have as we move into the fall season.

These solar-charged inflatable lights turn your kayak into a floating, glowing piece of magic. Can’t you just picture cool, gloomy early mornings and evenings paddling with just the glow of your kayak to light your way?

Oru Dry Bags

I’m the type of person who likes to bring a lot of stuff into the kayak with me (I like to be prepared, okay?) and yet, I still don’t have a really good dry bag.

The Oru dry bag is made from a heavy-duty TobaTex material which means you can trust it to keep all your stuff dry and it’ll last you a really long time.

Bonus: You can even use these dry bags outside of your kayak for other water-related activities.

Oru Repair Kit

I mentioned a few paragraphs up that I like to be prepared. My Oru kayak has never given me any reason to believe it might one day fail me, but that’s not gonna stop me from buying the Oru repair kit just in case.

The kit comes with everything you’d need to repair a leak in your Oru in the event you ever get one.

The Oru kayak repair kit includes:

  • 1 tube of glue
  • 1 primer stick
  • 1 adhesive plastic patch
  • 1 helicopter tape patch

The kit comes in at a very affordable $15, which is more than worth it for a peace of mind on the water. It’s compatible with every Oru kayak model.

oru kayak accessories repair kit


The NRS x Oru Kayak collab PFD is super sleek and I want it now.

I can be bad about “forgetting” to wear a life jacket when paddling in the super calm rivers and lakes around Austin. They’re just so bulky sometimes! But this life jacket from Oru looks extremely comfortable (and safe).

It offers 16.5 lbs of flotation and has two pockets up front, giving you even more storage space for your stuff.

Note: This product will only ship within the U.S.

Did I miss any of your favorite Oru kayak accessories? Let me know which of these you’ve tried and which are still on your wishlist in the comments below!

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